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Catherine Waldron

Web Developer

catherine @ catherinewaldron.com
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Haverhill, Massachusetts
North of Boston, USA

Is Your Website Outdated?

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Are you serious about using your website to:

  • reduce your sales and marketing costs,
  • reach new prospects,
  • win new customers, and
  • increase your sales and profits right now?

Stop Wasting Time

Maybe your website refresh is something you can do on your own. If that's the case, get started now. If you need help, hire me to fill in the gaps or help if you get stuck. But do not wait to get started.

Hire someone who is flexible, versatile and experienced enough to take on your project, whether it be large or small. Someone who will provide an accurate and fair budget estimate and timeframe, collaborate with you and your other team members, and transfer knowledge along the way. The goal is to complete your project on time and within budget, and make you as self-sufficient as you would like to be.

Main point is: get started now. Stop wasting time.

Let’s Get Started!

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What's the next step?

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How about signing up for my no cost website analysis and recommendations?

At no cost, other than a 60 minute investment of your time, you will quickly find out exactly what it will take to refresh and modernize your website to fit YOUR business needs. There is absolutely no fee, no risk, no “hidden catch” and no obligation for taking this initial step. Regardless of what you decide to do, the free website analysis will be yours to keep.

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Ready to start? Contact me to schedule your initial consultation.

After summarizing your current business in light of your industry's trends, your target market, your competitive situation, your critical operations, and any other topics you have identified as priorities, we’ll talk about how well your website is supporting your business today.

Think about your business right now:

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  • What’s working great - or maybe just okay?
  • What’s totally not working and needs to get fixed, changed or eliminated?
  • What’s the shortest path to your desired business improvement?
  • Where and how does your existing website fit into this big picture?
  • At a technical level, we will review your existing digital assets - domain registration, website software and hosting, business email accounts, online payments, documentation and support resources, social media content, online marketing, email campaigns - and how these assets are now being managed, secured, and updated. I'll ask you to gather the details, and if you need assistance doing so, I'll be glad to help. The goal is to make sure you understand the jargon and buzzwords, putting YOU in a position to make informed decisions, so that you pay for what you need, budget for necessary services and licenses, and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

After we talk, if we both agree it makes sense, then I will quickly send you my free analysis of your website, along with a proposal for how my web development, content creation, digital marketing, training, documentation and support services can fix your website problems and improve your business performance pronto.

Question: What have you got to lose, other than an hour of your time?

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If you really want to grab the reins, improve your business, and beat your competition, contact me today.